Edgy, Sassy and Spunky

This type of session is specifically designed for the 9-13 year old tween and teen.  An edgy, sassy, spunky session takes about 3 hours and depending on the weather, we mix studio shooting with outdoor shooting.

The planning of this session is done by me with the parents and the teen.  We find the concepts, clothing options and accessories needed. We definitely work as a team! A lot of planning is necessary before the actual session takes place.

The teen is at the center of the project and actively involved in every step of the way.

After the session, the parents and their child are invited to choose 40 images from a virtual gallery.  These images will be given to you on CD for your own printing.

This session is very different than any other.  It is an experience in itself, one that the girl will remember for a very long time and that lets us capture who she really is just before the teen years hit full throttle.